24 July 2017

Creative Everyday

In a photo story last week, I showcased the crafts and confections I made for The 100 Day Project. I was able to craft every single day for 100 days. Something I enjoyed but it was quite the commitment! I've written down some thoughts on how I did it. Can I share them with you?

Start with a list. I like lists because they always keep me organized and on track. I make a "To Do" list everyday, I have a "Grocery List", a "Craft Store List", a list of books to read, a list of new recipes to try, and so on. I just love the satisfaction of crossing off the items on my list with a red pen.   

Before embarking on "The 100 Project", I made a list of "easy crafts" and "crafts to try". The "easy crafts" took 10 to 15 minutes of my day and were very familiar. The "crafts to try" required more time to understand instructions, room for hits and misses, and to develop my own style. This includes baking because of the prep time involved.

This combination of "easy" and "intermediate/advance" crafts kept me on my toes. For busy days and days that I just wasn't in the mood to create, I could draw or make a small watercolor painting. For days when I had more time, I was ready to experiment. Whether the results were successful or not so, I still felt a sense of accomplishment because I tried.  

Have your tools handy. It's easier to make stuff when you have the tools for it. If I want to try a new recipe, I know that my pantry has to be stocked with flour, sugar, butter, and eggs. If I want to build a scrapbook, paper, glue, stickers, and photos should be within reach. 

I find that a "project pouch" is useful whether for home or travel. It's just a small bag filled with basic supplies for your craft of choice (ex. crochet hook, yarn, a pair of scissors; or brushes, a sketchbook and paint). I can take it with me anywhere, craft when there's some free time, and I won't have an excuse not to craft.    

Create a dedicated craft space. I wish I had a craftroom or a she shed but apartment living has its limits. I've made do with a table that doubles as a craft table and where I do the photography for this blog. It's usually piled with supplies and current projects, but I always gravitate towards it. It's where my imagination comes alive. It's my happy place.

I hope this has inspired you to make crafting part of your everyday. TADA!


  1. Congrats on completing your 100 days - impressive! I may have said this before, but there's no way that I could ever have done it. I consider myself crafty but having enough variety to fill 100 straight days would be hugely challenging. Thanks for sharing your results.

  2. Hi Rochelle! Thank you so much for your encouraging pat on the back. It was challenging having to plan and craft something everyday. I can't believe I did it. I'm celebrating with lots of ice cream! 😉

  3. I don't have a craft room either, but I do have kitchen counter space and a very tolerant husband.:-) Congratulations on making 100 days!

  4. Thank you, Priscilla! High five to available counter space! And to supportive husbands! Crafters will always find a way. 😄


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